Joseph Pawlak

Top Spots To See the San Diego Sunset

San Diego is known for its dreamlike atmosphere, perfect beach weather all year, and stunning coastal views. Watching a sunset in San Diego, California, is the perfect end to your perfect day. Experience the sight at its peak charm by reading the Coast to Cactus guide on the seven best spots to watch a San Diego sunset. Book your stay in one of our plush San Diego vacation rentals today to immerse yourself in the magic of San Diego and the California Coast.

7 Places To Watch the Sunset in San Diego

1. Experience a Fairytale Sunset at Windansea Beach

Enjoy a fairytale-like ambiance while you watch the sunset in San Diego. The underwater reefs create ideal surf breaks. The rocky Windansea Beach shore provides a stunning view. 

2. Enjoy a Panoramic Sunset View at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park 

This park features stunning coastal bluffs, sea caves, and arches. From the cliffs, you will have a panoramic view of the magnificent ocean and marine wildlife like California gray whales. Imagine watching the sunset at this magical spot in San Diego.

3. Watch the Sunset Over the San Diego Coast at Portside Pier 

Enjoy dining in an upscale glass dome while you watch the sunset over the San Diego coast. They feature a coffee & gelato shop, four restaurants, and plenty of stunning waterfront views. 

4. View the Sunset at Mt. Soledad National Veterans Memorial 

Watch the sunset over this awe-inspiring veterans memorial. The vantage point features views of the ocean and urban landmarks. You can come and honor those who served with the sun setting in the background.

5. Enjoy the Sunset After a Day of Fun at Belmont Park 

Since the 1920s, Belmont Park has been an iconic San Diego landmark. Enjoy beachfront dining, rides, and shopping while watching the sunset.

6. Indulge in Fine Dining With a San Diego Sunset at Mister A’s

Indulge yourself in fine dining with a 180-degree view of the sunset over downtown San Diego. Mediterranean, American, and French cuisine inspires the expertly crafted menu. The bar features a 15-page wine list and an impressive selection of cocktails.

7. Experience a San Diego Sunset in Your Vacation Rental

One of the most serene ways to experience a San Diego sunset is in the privacy and comfort of Coast to Cactus vacation rentals. We have a luxurious selection of San Diego vacation rentals with premiere amenities such as private pools, homes with spas, and breathtaking coast views.

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