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Guide to the 2023 Spring Training Baseball Season

The 2023 Spring Baseball Training Season is here, and it is the perfect time to book a vacation to Phoenix, Arizona. Spring Baseball Training in Arizona starts in late February and ends in late March. These games are a great way to get a sneak peek of the 2023 Major League Baseball season and enjoy the sunny weather. Coast to Cactus has a stunning selection of vacation rentals near and in Phoenix, AZ, with luxurious amenities, spacious living spaces, and stylish decor. Keep reading to learn about the fun you’ll experience during the 2023 Baseball Spring Training Season in Arizona.

7 Reasons To See a 2023 Spring Baseball Training Game

  1. Baseball Crawl: One of the perks of checking out the 2023 Arizona Spring Baseball Training Season is that you can see many different games during your trip. Check out the Cactus League’s baseball spring training locations of 10 unique ballparks in the Phoenix metropolitan area. They are all within an hour’s drive of each other!
  2. Meet Your Favorite Player: You may be able to get pictures and autographs from your favorite players in all professional sports. However, the bond baseball players can form with their fans is on a different level. During a slower training game, everyone is relaxed and open to chatting with fans while warming up or stretching. The Tempe Diablo Stadium is one of the best places to get players’ autographs because it’s easy to catch them from or to the clubhouse. 
  3. First To Watch: Although the lineup might be full of rookies, some might become big stars. You can be among the first fans to see a household name play and get autographs and pictures with them at a 2023 Spring Baseball Training game. 
  4. Best Seats: The spring baseball training locations have a much smaller seating capacity than the major league ballparks. Because of this, you’ll be much closer to the game and the players on the field.
  5. Best Prices: You can’t beat the Spring Baseball Training ticket prices! The spring training games usually start at $15 a ticket, but some can be as low as $8. If you want to splurge on seats, you can get those for around $30 – $40 per ticket. 
  6. Family Fun: Baseball is one of the best sports for the entire family! They have a relaxed and fun atmosphere people of all ages can enjoy. If you have small children, most ballparks have lawn seating where they won’t have to sit still through the game. The Peoria Stadium features a splash pad and a coastal-themed playground for the kids to play on as well.
  7. Snowbirds: If you live in one of the many states in the U.S. that have bitterly cold winters, I’m sure you’ll appreciate the warm Arizona weather. Start planning your trip to see Spring Baseball Training games in 2023!

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